The best Ideas to Decorate Your House/ Office with Wooden furniture

The best Ideas to Decorate Your House/ Office with Wooden furniture

A wise man once said- “They can take furniture out of your home, but you don’t have to let them take your home away out of the furniture.”

It is true, isn’t it?

Decorate Your House with Solid wood furniture

But wait! Before you really make some conclusion out of it, let dig deeper into it. Yes, the furniture stuff. You might have understood now that we are going to talk about Home furniture.

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Who said no to furniture, ever?

Even if the furniture is of any kind, you can never avoid putting them into your house. But there is something unique about everything, and working in a beautiful, comfortable space that’s both refreshing and important.

Follow These Tips to check the Quality of Wooden Furniture-

  • Know Your Wood Types- Broadly Wooden Furniture falls into three major categories- 1. Solid Wood, 2. Broad/ Composite Wood and 3. Veneers.
    And do you know solid wood is more expensive than another type? And solid wood furniture looks great, but are most susceptible to scratches & Rings.

    On the other hand, Veneers is composed of several layers of better quality- wood. Because of the cheaper core, Veneers are not that much expensive than Solid wood.

Now, the third one- Particleboard and composite wood piece are made of cheap wooden pulp, plastics, basically scraps, resins from the woolen factories.
“So if you want to buy Home furniture for the very long term, you should better go for Solid Wood Furniture.”

  • Check the smoothness of Drawers & Cabinets-
    These are the most vulnerable parts of the furniture and decides the life of it. So, open all the drawers and cabinets, make sure they pull all the way out.

    Check the quality of handles and knobs. They should not jiggle or turn while handling.

  • You might have some suggestions, feel free to comment and let's know.

  • Avoid rusty Nail or bad Glue-  
    Check for corners, joints and other parts where nail or glue has been used. In the factory we say it like this- wood joinery, these chips or joints takes more weight.

Tips for the Fabric of Material used in Furniture

  • Note down your lifestyle - You should decide the fabric & color depending upon your lifestyle. Whoops, do you have a dog?

    This is for you then, I also have a hyper dog constantly climbing on the furniture. Now, what if I brought home a suede couch, it would not sustain for longer and can get stained in a day or two.

    The second thing is kids, if you have kids then stick with dark color and stain - resistant fabric so you can withstand careless use or a rough touch of toys.

  • Make sure you understand Color
    “Stick to neutral color for your expensive home furniture, because fancy color items don’t look adorable for the longer term.”

    - Learn from other people’s mistakes, and you can save Bold color for decor items.

  • Properly Inspect & Reviews

  • Be sure to check the Legs: You know what, legs should be heavy and strong whether it is solid wood furniture or Veneers furniture legs must be strong.

    You should pay them some extra if they can guide you on the assembly of the furniture. And understand how you can avoid giving stress on joints while handling the furniture.

  • Check the Spring- Bought sofa recently?

    Great! Forgot to check the springs? There is not an issue if you want to feel the extra softness. You should check for zigzag coils.

    So, before you buy to remove the cushions and press down on the base of the sofa. The coil should press down and come to its original state immediately.

  • Test the Cushions- Check for the quality of the cushions which can hold up firm for a longer time.

Relax, if you are running out of the Budget, we have something for you

Buy at the right time, When offers are hot:

When you want to buy furniture online, know this before a year. Why? It is because you can keep your eyes on websites selling Furniture. And every one of them gives some offers to their customers. But for availing such offers you need to buy at the right time, when offers are hot.
You may probably get good offers during Christmas, Fourth of July, or on other festive seasons.

But, make sure you don’t get into the trap of fake offers.

Second Hand Furniture:
There is nothing wrong in buying second-hand furniture, until and otherwise, you can check them carefully.

You should check for some of these tips-
- Look for rips, stains, tears, watermarks and of course scratches, make sure you
Lift up the cushions and check for stains on the inside of the couches and chairs. Sit on the sofa for a longer time and see the comfort.

Don’t buy cheap Furniture, you would regret it:
If you aren’t satisfied and even when you buy the home furniture with less quality. You are going to regret it for sure. But how to avoid such regret, simply check for all the above tips and tricks. Once you are fully satisfied then spend your money.


What if you have already bought poor quality furniture, and now you have nothing but just regret.

Hold on, in such case you should read their return policies. And if they don’t have any return policy or refund guarantee, you should never buy from such sellers.

Still, have something in your mind? Cool, comment and let’s know. We would be there 24/7 in your support

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