The history of handicrafts goes back to almost 5000 years ago. The story of metal handicrafts starts with the story of evolution of mankind. The Indus valley civilization which was present in approx. 3000b.c -1700 BC had a rich craft tradition as well as a high degree of technical excellence in the art of pottery making, metal and terracotta, jewelry weaving etc. the craftsmen not only created all the local needs items but surplus item also. Jaipur was built in 1727 A.D. by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, and thus got its name after the ruler.

The succeeding emperors were also ardent admirers and promoters of various forms of art, literature and craft. They invited artisans, craftsmen and sculptors from all across the world. Thus, Metal craft gained popularity and flourished under their reign.

In the present time, Metal craft of Jaipur is predominantly famous for its silver and brass work. The artisans of Jaipur are expert in manufacturing intricate designs using both traditional and modern technology, infusing charisma into the metal.

IRIS, a third-generation family-run business of Jaipur, keeps the knowledge and skills of traditional metal crafting alive. IRIS produces contemporary handicrafts, to appeal to the modern users, using the conventional hand crafting techniques. This blend of progressive technology with the legacy of traditional handcrafting skills, gives a new voice and recognition to the artists in the global platform.

IRIS is designer, manufacturer and exporter of top quality and food safe items made in a variety of metals and stones. Metalware includes the following electro plating processes - Silver-plating, Gold-plating, Nickel-plating, Chrome-plating, Copper- plating on copper alloys, brass, Stainless steel and Aluminum. Other combination of stone and stone based materials along with extraordinary textures make our products unique. Durability and radiant luster of these handicrafts have made each of these products widely accepted in the overseas market.